Key Points of Difference

My past careers have taught me that dignity, people experience, and being professional are all important when dealing with the public. My personal presentation is excellent and I will always blend in with your wedding party.

I will remain calm if there are any hiccups or dramas. I am open to all cultures, situations, beliefs and same sex weddings. Once I get to know you both exclusively, I will add real structure, planning, professionalism and meaning to your ceremony. I like to have 2-3 meetings and a full rehearsal prior to the wedding so I can get to know all the relevant things about you and your family history. I am reliable and organised so won’t let you down, should something unforeseen come up nearer to your wedding I will have a backup celebrant who can take your ceremony. I have a PA system for larger weddings so you will have audibility, music can be run through this system.